Creating bespoke leather goods for you

Prototypage de votre maroquinerie

Development & prototyping for your leather goods

The idea becomes a prototype with a complete technical file ready to go into production.

  • No room for misunderstanding: we put our clients at the centre of the creative and technical process. We create your bespoke leather goods.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a research and design office with a complementary team supported by a network of active experts (raw materials suppliers, craftspeople and many more)
  • Work on optimising your costs and manufacturing processes

A proven method including audit and collaboration meetings before delivery of the finished product. Collaborative work with iterations included as part of the service. Tailored support: monitoring is available at every step of the manufacturing process. We can also provide help with procuring materials.

Length of a project:
Technical file with collaborative meeting: 15 days
Manufacturing and delivery of a prototype: < 1 month

Client testimonials
“To all the Féoni team, many thanks for all the beautiful pieces you made for us for this SS19 show. It was a real pleasure to work together!” - Julie, head of products at a fashion label
“A big thank you for your work, it was a pleasure to collaborate with you. I am delighted with the result.” - Marie, bag designer

From design to development:
we turn your creative ideas into reality

We combine creativity and know-how to develop all types of accessories for you. We take special requests (interior design, optical, jewellery and leather goods)


  • Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of leather goods, from the creation process to manufacturing: Our workshop consists of a leather designer and leather prototype-makers who have worked in research and design offices (product development) as well as production facilities (manufacturing and monitoring). Our experience at a production facility in France means we can adjust designs and techniques to suit your product’s positioning. Your leather goods are made to measure to meet your needs.
  • Benefit from technical tools (laser cutting and 3D work) Use various types of materials (soft and rigid) like textiles, cork, wood, Plexiglas, leather and many more.
  • Collaborate with selected craftspeople and freelancers.
Do you need expertise in leather goods creation?
création maroquinerie