Leather goods manufacturing workshop in Paris

Produce a short run in Paris at our leather goods manufacturing workshop, where we use French know-how to meet the high standards of the upmarket and luxury goods sector.

fabricant maroquinerie

Local know-how

Choose local expertise with our Parisian manufacturing workshop
Work with a responsive and flexible team

A short run is a good way to try out your product on your market (commercial showroom, press or funding platform)

  • At our workshop in Bastille, we produce short runs of bags/luggage, small leather goods and accessories (example: belts, bracelets and other items)
  • We can also take special requests.
  • Small leather goods and small accessories: over 100 items
  • Bags, depending on the design: up to 50 items

Are you looking to have your designs made in France?

Production monitoring

Find the right manufacturer for your project

Fabricant de maroquinerie

We can help you

  • Identification, initial contact and monitoring
  • Networks of leather goods manufacturing workshops in France, Italy, Portugal and North Africa, meeting mid-range to luxury production needs.

Characteristics :

According to your positioning and the techniques used to make your design, we can help arrange production in France, Portugal, Italy or North Africa. We work with expert agents for each area, and monitor the work done for us by leather goods manufacturing workshops. For production to go ahead, a minimum quantity of each product has to be made. This offer is aimed at established brands that know their minimum orders.