Global support from prototype to production

Design office and leather goods workshop, Féoni brings you an expert perspective on your entire project.

Do you need to launch a prototype with a small series, are you looking for a leather goods workshop to make them?

A team of project managers, prototypists and leatherworkers dedicated to your project supports you from development to production

How does it work  :

Appointment Project costing by videoconference or by phone
Identification of the production partner * according to the needs and constraints of the project
Proposal of offers. (free)

Step 1 Physical or videoconference Worshop meeting, model development & material sourcing (collaborative work with the customer)

We define for each model the assemblies, techniques and stylistic details (optimization of the manufacturing cost)
Appropriate suppliers are identified for each component in terms of quality / price (material cost optimization)
We provide you with tools to manage your material sourcing more fluidly (also useful for production)

Step 2 Realization of a model & technical adjustments (managed by Féoni)

Step 3 Realization of prototypes in the final materials

refined costing for production (managed by Féoni)
Provision of tools to manage production
Contact and launch assistance with the manufacturer

Average duration of a project:
From collaborative appointment to delivery of the prototype: <1 month

Our forces :

Our 360 ° expertise: We work with all materials & master a wide range of leatherwork techniques. We have been working for several years with manufacturers of all sizes in Europe with complementary know-how. This gives us a broad view of what is done in leather goods. Thanks to our client portfolio, we negotiate conditions and prices with our partners. We are also able to intervene in the field or in the manufacturing process to solve technical problems.

Our CSR policy: we promote collaboration with our partners to use existing resources and the use of 3D modeling to avoid wasting resources and gain in precision.

* To find out more about our leatherwork workshop partners see the FAQ below

Are you looking for a leather goods workshop? Our experts support you.

We offer you tailor-made support throughout your leather goods project.

Our made in the Mediterranean leather workshops

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about our support offer and our partner leather goods workshops:

Why be accompanied by a study and technical office in leather goods?

When you lack expertise in a profession, you can more easily lack foresight in the selection of your partners. Production requires going through stages and organization that can be learned. In addition, few manufacturers have expertise in prototyping. From prototyping to production, our design & technical office supports its customers. At Féoni, the first prototype is the right one. Our goal is to build projects on a sound basis and to better prepare customers to go into production with confidence. Our customer portfolio allows us to negotiate conditions and prices with our partners.

Where are your manufacturers?

We work with a network of manufacturers in France, Spain, Italy and the Maghreb. We have several manufacturers per country with identified and complementary know-how.

Why do you offer different "made in"?

All projects have different technical and cost constraints. Each made in will have a solution to offer, more or less adequate, depending on the projects. There is a need to identify and select the partner to make a project viable.

Can we see what the manufacturers are doing?

We have a catalog of achievements that we show during discussions on the costing of the project. We put our customers and our manufacturers in touch once the mission is launched.



They trust us

“We work regularly with the Féoni workshop for prototypes and small series and at the moment we are preparing a large production which will be managed and supervised by the Féoni team. The responsiveness, organization and quality of the product are always up to par and the contact is exceptional. We work for a wide variety of large luxury clients and have access to a multitude of manufacturers, workshops etc ..... Féoni is one of my favorites and we know that it will always go well ..... " - Anne F.
“An excellent partner for helping to create your leather goods, prototyping and small-series production lines. Excellent advice, meticulous work and meeting deadlines. ” -Thomas F.