Leather goods workshop in Paris: our expertise

Our workshop manager Baptiste and his team are here to help you, from creating your design to production monitoring.
Here are the various services that our leather goods workshop in Paris can offer you:

maroquinier paris

1. Product design (implementing a creative idea)
2. Sourcing of materials (various hides, alternative and innovative materials)
3. Preparation of the technical file
4. Creation of prototypes and duplicates (for the press or commercial showrooms)

5. Manufacturing of short runs of your designs (bags, small leather goods and accessories)
6. Identification of a manufacturer and production in France and Europe.

Our strong points:

  • Our comprehensive expertise, supported by our team members’ complementary profiles
  • Our expertise in creative and technical development
  • Our networks and selected partners

Profile of our workshop manager, Baptiste

Expertise in prototyping & production.

4 years’ experience of running a leather goods design and prototyping workshop in France

4 years’ experience of production monitoring in France and Europe (in leather goods and footwear)

Baptiste took part in establishing and monitoring a prototyping hub at a French manufacturing company as part of improvements made with the CTC group. Baptiste also earned a vocational qualification in Leatherwork in Paris.

Expertise in Design

8 years’ experience of creating designs and leather goods collection plans for upmarket and luxury brands in France.

  • Iconography/trend/inspiration research
  • Sourcing and development of materials
  • Creation of sketches and boards based on themes suggested by an Artistic Director and following a collection marketing plan
  • Drawings and creation of launch sheets 
  • Launch of prototypes and explanation of sketches for prototype production by manufacturers. Baptiste currently puts his experience to good use at Féoni and teaches students about technical file development as part of the IFM’s Master’s in Accessories course.
Baptiste - maroquinier

„success requires a little knowledge, a little know-how and a lot of knowledge-sharing“

Who are we?


Our company name is a play on the French expression “Fées au nid” (literally meaning “Fairies in the nest”), a reference to the fairy godmothers who would give a gift to the new-born baby. Fairies are divinities of fate in Greco-Latin mythology (the word fairy comes from the Latin fata, which means “goddess of fate” and is the feminine form of fatum, “fate”).

Where are we?

The workshop is nestled in a little courtyard in Bastille, in a private spot in the historic craft district of Faubourg Saint-Antoine.